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With partnerships and customers already in 34 states (and growing) we are ready to help our partners with their warehouse workforce needs.

Our services include:

  • Expert Logistics Recruiting
  • HR, Payroll & Benefits
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Custom Safety & Compliance
  • Worker’s Compensation & Liability
  • Strategic Operational Support

The example below demonstrates the challenges TeamOne Logistics regularly solves for our warehouse partners.


ABC Warehouse Solutions is a 5-year-old company specializing in warehouse solutions in the Southeast. They have recently acquired a new facility in Alabama and now have 300 employees, with about 200 of those servicing their customers as sorters, pack & pick, forklift drivers and supervisors.

Rusty is the Founder of ABC Warehouse, and he left his comfortable corporate job at a national retail giant in their warehousing division to start his own company 5 years ago. He wanted to offer more unique solutions and reliable service to his clients at a lower cost than his bigger competitors. Rusty’s biggest concern growing his business while maintaining the level of reliable service he has established over the past 5 years. The labor shortage seems to be getting worse, and his recruiting manager is not keeping up with the 50% turnover with his warehouse team. With the newly acquired facility, he’ll need to hire another recruiter. They need 30 new warehouse team members in 45 days, simply to deliver on the business that was taken on with the new facility

Rusty wants to grow his business, but he can’t afford to pass these additional operational costs on to his customers. His customer service will suffer if he doesn’t solve his workforce issues.

Sound Familiar? What if ABC Warehouse Solutions had…

  • A true workforce partner, one built to be with him for the long term, finding and retaining safe, qualified warehouse team members? What if his only option wasn’t a temp company to help find warm bodies that likely add to the turnover issues?
  • A workforce partner 100% focused on taking great care of the team and their families so ABC Warehouse could focus 100% of their attention on the operations?
  • A partner with a combined 300 years of experience recruiting logistics workforce and could help them all over the United States?
  • The ability to provide a unique and affordable benefits package to the team at NO cost to the company, with healthcare, dental, life insurance, vision, 401(k) and more? What if they also had a partner with the expertise and resources to also manage ALL of the administrative burden?
  • The newfound confidence to deliver on new business opportunities at a lower cost and improved margins?

TeamOne Logistics IS that partner… and more.