What recruiting processes does TeamOne cover? 

TeamOne covers the Expert Logistics Recruiting for your company. We cover screening, Interviews, Background Checks, and On-boarding/Training. We offer a collective 300 years of logistics recruiting experience and extensive industry networks. 

What kind of ongoing operational support can you provide for my business?

We offer ongoing processes including safety training and support. We offer site sessions that deploy multiple tools for meeting industry requirements. These requirements include EEOC, CSA, ACA, and DOT. We also provide support on employee related risks. We are responsible for all regulatory compliance in order to take this hassle off of your hands so you can focus on your business. 

Why should I choose TeamOne over In-House help or other Staffing Companies?

We leverage pooled resources in order to deliver improved organization. We are trained, focused and experience in sourcing strategies, and expert knowledge in DOT, FMCSA, OSHA and SMS regulations. With TeamOne, you are in control. You make the operational decisions and support you as a valued partner. On top of that, our team is ready to help 24/7.

How much control does TeamOne have in my business?

We complete a service agreement with your company. We also manage the sole employment responsibilities and risk for the employee. 

What is the recruiting process like?

We begin by learning about the qualifications you’d like in a prospective employee. We then customize an advertising strategy to maximize the application pool. We leverage our network of driver to find further applicants. We act as hiring manager and conduct first, and even second round interviews. We complete background checks and candidate testing for the prospective candidates. We collaborate with you to find the top candidate selections. Once hired, we handle all of the on boarding processes. We then hand it over to you and you maintain the operational control of your employee. 

What services does TeamOne offer?

We offer Workers Compensation, Safety and Compliance, Partnership Models, Recruiting and Employee Retention, Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits. Finally, we offer Strategic and Operational Support. For more information on our services, look at our Services page. 

Who do you partner with?

3 PL Partners, Trucking Companies, Private Fleets, and Warehousing. Learn more about our partnerships here. 

How do I begin my career in the logistics industry?

Check out of Careers Page. Our recruiters would be happy to speak with you about finding a position that matches your experience and goals.


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Working with TeamOne has been a great experience. Their dedication to safety and loss control has made a significant impact on clients all over the country. Their workforce solutions make life easy for all employers!

Stuart D. December 3, 2017

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