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TeamOne Logistics partners with asset-based companies to design, manage and integrate workforce solutions for their Alabama logistics-enabled business. We help minimize workforce risk, cost and complexity for clients in:

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More than just a Staffing Agency

TeamOne Logistics is a nationally recognized workforce alternative to the driver staffing agencies the transportation industry has endured for too long. As opposed to the usual staffing agency, TeamOne Logistics offers a complete workforce solution. Partnering with 3 PLs, private fleets, trucking fleets, and warehouses, we eliminate workforce risk, reduce the cost and complexity of the workforce, redirect your attention to your core business, and retain the relationships and culture already in place.

Eliminating Workforce Risk

We bear the employment risk for the team members supporting your operations.

Reducing Cost & Complexity

We leverage our size to achieve cost efficiencies, saving you money and reducing complexity.

Sharpen Your

Ease your workforce burden and redirect your attention to your core business.


Keep the relationships and culture that make your company so great.

Logistics Recruiting to Better your Business

A partnership with TeamOne is an improvement in your company’s recruitment and retention of great employees. 300 combined years of experience makes up our team of recruiters who work to find great employees to add immense value to your business. We are experts in the logistics and transportation industries and understand the qualities an employee should have to help you be successful.

Experts in Safety and Compliance

The Trucking and Logistics industries face a large array of safety related responsibilities such as OSHA and CSA. That’s why TeamOne Logistics develops a personal relationship with each employee and ensures that they are qualified, safe, and compliant. We manage and are held liable for regulatory compliance, licensing, and employee record-keeping to take the responsibility of a new employee away from your company. Your company’s risk exposure is minimized through a partnership with TeamOne Logistics as we tailor a specific safety program to meet your specific needs.

Solving your Insurance Needs

With the complexity of worker’s compensation laws in the trucking and logistics industries as well as the steady increase in the cost of healthcare, you need a partner who can help you handle these challenges. We are experts in tackling the industry’s most complex problems for our partners. When it comes to worker’s compensation, we eliminate your risk by taking on all worker’s compensation liability with first dollar coverage. Should a worker’s compensation issue arise, you have no deductible. As a part of our efforts to ensure you retain a strong workforce, we provide quality healthcare services for each employee. Our focus on the unique needs of logistics and transportation workers allows us to ensure that employees have the support they need in order to focus less on administrative work and more on their job responsibilities.

Alabama Logistics Careers

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We are not a staffing agency…but a solution

TeamOne Logistics has a unique business model. What we provide is distinctive. We are a long-term enhanced alternative to the driver staffing/leasing companies the transportation industry has endured for too long. When you need Logistical Services in Alabama, you want to choose TeamOne Logistics. TeamOne Logistics has a unique “employer of record” partnership model which eliminates most liability for the end customer while creating savings and flexibility without loss of operational control. Our integrated workforce solution also leverages logistics recruiters located throughout the U.S. to help fuel growth.

We are proud to have provided logistics staffing solutions to businesses in Alabama for many years. Alabama boasts passionate residents who are proud to call great cities such as Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery home. With a population of just under 5 million residents, we never struggle to match experienced and professional workers with great businesses. We continue to experience great success in Alabama, providing businesses with well-trained local workers and the service of handling all of the legal requirements for workers that Alabama enforces on companies. With a National presence of 800 employees currently operating with clients in 87 locations across 29 states, TeamOne Logistics has all the Alabama Logistics Staffing Solutions that any business could desire. We are not a staffing agency, but a solution to solve all your Alabama logistics staffing needs with expert recruiters and trainers located throughout the US and a combined 300 years of logistics industry experience.

Alabama logistics staffing solutions

TeamOne Logistics is proud to have never lost a client in over a decade!

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Our Services

Leading expertise in these fields


We are focused on the unique needs of logistics and transportation workers. Retaining each great employee requires attention to the details that help them achieve success.


The logistics industry is complex. As your long-term partner, we work with your team to design and implement workforce improvement initiatives.


A partnership with TeamOne Logistics eliminates your Worker’s Compensation risk. We take on the responsibility and management of these liabilities for you.


A successful hire is only the beginning of the value you will see in a partnership with TeamOne. Our Integrated Workforce Solution combines expert HR knowledge and operational support to help your business overcome challenges.


With over 300 years of combines industry experience, the recruiters at TeamOne Logistics use proven sourcing strategies along with their history of experience in the market to deliver tangible results to our clients. We help you find your best workers!


TeamOne Logistics takes pride in developing a personal relationship with each employee, serving as a foundation for further career development and best practices training. We ensure employees are all qualified, safe, and compliant.

Alabama Worker's Compensation for Logistics & Trucking Companies

Providing you, and your staff, with the support you need.

Dealing with worker’s compensation for a workforce of any size can be difficult to handle. Here at TeamOne Logistics, we provide the service for you so! In Alabama, there are specific rights that both the employer and employee have when handling worker’s compensation claims. Employers have the right to request that the employee receives a medical examination, take a drug and alcohol test, and direct care through their approved physician. Employees must file their charges immediately in order to enhance their chances of proving the injury occurred on the job. Once all claims have been filed and approved, employees can receive about 66% of what their wages were previously in Alabama. This is all subject to the specific case and employer and is a legal process that TeamOne Logistics can handle for you!


In-HouseStaffing CompanyteamoneNotes
Cost Savings??checkmarkLeverage pooled resources to deliver improved organizational efficiency
Expert Logistics Recruiting?XcheckmarkOur trained, focused and experienced staff uses proven sourcing strategies to deliver results.
Custom Safety & Training Programs?XcheckmarkExpert staff provides in-depth DOT, FMCSA, OSHA and SMS regulations knowledge
Benefits Solutions?XcheckmarkProvide solutions offering similar benefits and low premiums that many larger companies enjoy.
Client Maintains Operational Controlcheckmark?checkmarkYou are in control, you have the customer relationship, and make the operational decisions. We support as a value added partner and resource.
Co- / Joint- EmploymentXcheckmarkXOur unique business model assumes ALL workforce related liability and not a "shared" risk as with most staffing companies and all PEOs.
HR Administrative Support?XcheckmarkExpert HR knowledge and operational support specifically tuned to meet needs of a logistics company
24/7 Direct Dial Support?XcheckmarkOur team is always ready, whenever you may need us, 24/7.


Maintain Control


TeamOne Logistics is an equal opportunity employer. No applicant will be excluded from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation in the application and/or interview process should notify a representative of the organization.

Candidates for AL staffing solutions employment can contact TeamOne Logistics at (770) 232-9902 between the hours of 8 A.M. and 5 P.M Eastern Time. Candidates can also contact us by email at



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Working with TeamOne has been a great experience. Their dedication to safety and loss control has made a significant impact on clients all over the country. Their workforce solutions make life easy for all employers!

Stuart D. December 3, 2017

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