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TeamOne Logistics partners with asset-based companies to design, manage and integrate workforce solutions for their Wisconsin logistics-enabled business. We help minimize workforce risk, cost and complexity for clients in:

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We are not a staffing agency…but a solution

TeamOne Logistics has a unique business model. What we provide is distinctive. We are a long-term enhanced alternative to the driver staffing/leasing companies the transportation industry has endured for too long. When you need Logistical Services in Wisconsin, you want to choose TeamOne Logistics. TeamOne Logistics has a unique “employer of record” partnership model which eliminates most liability for the end customer while creating savings and flexibility without loss of operational control. Our integrated workforce solution also leverages logistics recruiters located throughout the U.S. to help fuel growth.

We have had so much success working with businesses in states surrounding Wisconsin, and we are excited to now offer our innovative logistics staffing techniques to the great state of Wisconsin. With almost 6 million individuals calling Wisconsin home, we are confident in our abilities to match hardworking employees with great businesses. Cities such as Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay are bustling with talented individuals who are prepared to make a positive impact in the trucking and logistics industries. With a National presence of 800 employees currently operating with clients in 87 locations across 29 states, TeamOne Logistics has all the Wisconsin Logistics Staffing Solutions that any business could desire. We are not a staffing agency, but a solution to solve all your Wisconsin logistics staffing needs with expert recruiters and trainers located throughout the US and a combined 300 years of logistics industry experience.

Wisconsin Logistics Staffing Solutions

TeamOne Logistics is proud to have never lost a client in over a decade!

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Alabama logistic staffing solutions for 3rd party logistic partnersThe core of a successful third-party-logistics (3PL) provider is the ability to provide clients rapid flexibility and consistent reliability for often complicated supply-chains. However, the growth many 3PL’s enjoy creates opportunities in new regions, and happens quickly. In fact, according to industry experts, the U.S. 3PL Market grew 7.4% to $157.2 billion in 2014 and is the fastest growing part of the logistics industry. Here at TeamOne Logistics we say, the more complex the better! As an WI logistics fully integrated partner with a 3PL, our focus and expertise on the workforce side of the house helps minimize the risk, cost, and complexity of these situations, allowing the 3PL to re-focus on crafting the ideal operational solution. With partnerships and customers already in 29 states (and growing) we are ready to help 3PL’s close new business, or expand current customer operations… no matter how complex or geographically separated.

Alabama logistic staffing solutions for private fleetsMoving product from point-A to point-B is a simple definition of logistics. However, for 200,000 companies (excluding farmers) in the U.S. this transportation happens using their own “private” fleet. The choice for a shipper to also be a transportation company is made for a range of reasons, but primarily revolve around enhanced customer service and consistency. Regardless of the reason, the most essential ingredient of all successful private fleets are highly qualified, safe drivers and a Wisconsin logistic solutions transportation management team, which is directly in charge of the safe operation of the private fleet.

As a logistics workforce management company with a core competency in commercial truck drivers, TeamOne Logistics provides a comprehensive workforce solution allowing shippers to maintain their fleet assets, the relationships the drivers have established with customers, while reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of the driver workforce.

The shortage of commercial truck drivers is certainly not a new story, either is the issue with turnover rates that have hovered about 100% for many years. The federal government seems to be always “changing the rules” and making not just difficult and frustrating for drivers to keep up, but also for trucking companies to take care of their drivers. “I can’t find and keep drivers” has become the battle cry of one of the most critical industries in America, delivering 80% of all goods and products we buy. As your Wisconsin workforce partner for asset based trucking companies, TeamOne Logistics helps minimize the risk, cost and complexity of finding, retaining and managing safe qualified drivers. Our expert logistics recruiting team can save time and money in the hiring and recruiting process, but our best practice solutions, HR support, and DOT compliance programs can help eliminate the business risk associated with employee related liabilities.

Our Services

Leading expertise in these fields


TeamOne Logistics uses proven sourcing strategies along with expert knowledge of the market to deliver results. Our recruiters have over 300 years of combined industry experience.


TeamOne Logistics takes pride in developing a personal relationship with each employee, serving as a foundation for further career development and best practices training. We ensure employees are all qualified, safe, and compliant.


A partnership with TeamOne Logistics eliminates your Worker’s Compensation risk. We take on the responsibility and management of these liabilities for you.


A successful hire is only the beginning of the value you will see in a partnership with TeamOne. Our Integrated Workforce Solution combines expert HR knowledge and operational support to help your business overcome challenges.


We are focused on the unique needs of logistics and transportation workers. Retaining each great employee requires attention to the details that help them achieve success in their role.


The logistics industry is complex. As your long-term partner, we work with your team to design and implement workforce improvement initiatives.

  • Our recruiters are experienced logistics professionals with a collective 300 years of hands-on knowledge.
  • Located all over the U.S., our recruiters have extensive networks into the transportation and logistics industry.
  • We manage all recruiting efforts including screening, interviews, background checks, on-boarding, and training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it can cost a company $14,000 or more to replace just one employee. In addition to the expense, think about the time involved. Time spent communicating the positions, sifting through responses, prescreening, interviews, background checks, the offer process, on-boarding and training. Imagine what it would mean to your business if all this time was refocused on your company and your customers.

At TeamOne Logistics, our professional staff can help you do that by using proven sourcing strategies along with expert knowledge of the market to deliver results. We take great care to understand the hiring and recruiting needs of our clients, and then utilize various resources and tools to ensure we attract and retain only the best qualified candidates. We handle all steps of the hiring and recruiting process so you have a highly flexible, highly capable workforce ready to handle any task your organization requires.

Not only does your WI logistics recruiting team save you time and money in the hiring and recruiting process, but our best practice solutions and HR support can eliminate the business risk associated with employee related liabilities. Find out why our clients continue to choose us year after year, and let us help you transform your business.

With recruiters located all over the U.S., we hire safe and qualified individuals, managing all recruiting efforts, including screening, interviews, background checks, and on-boarding/training. Our recruiters are experienced logistics professionals with a collective 300 years of hands-on knowledge, and extensive networks into the transportation and logistics industry.

With the movement of 82% of all freight in North America moving by truck, it is natural that many of our customers rely on our professional staff’s deep expertise in the recruiting and hiring of CDL A and CDL B drivers. However, TeamOne Logistics Integrated Workforce Solution can also deliver any and all support staff including dispatchers, fleet managers, supervisors, and warehouse personnel that make your operations run. At TeamOne Logistics, we take great care to understand the hiring and recruiting needs of our clients, and then apply various resources and tools to ensure we attract and retain only the best qualified candidates.

Find out why our clients continue to choose us as their Wisconsin logistics staffing solutions partner year after year, and let us help you transform your business.


Learn about your targeted qualifications and turnover objectives.

Customize and execute an advertising strategy to maximize applicant pool.

Leverage our existing network of drivers and sites to further boost applicants.

Act as hiring manager by conducting first and second round interviews.

Conduct Background checks and candidate testing (MVR, drug, CSA,

Collaborate with you on top candidates and selection

Handle all of your onboarding requirements and processes

You maintain operational control of new employee 

  • Nationally, turnover rates in sectors of logistics like trucking can top 100% per year.
  • Our focus on the unique needs of logistics and transportation workers allows us to make sure they are well represented.
  • We create a customized benefit package that is Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant and designed to meet customer needs.
  • Administration of the plans is completely handled by TeamOne Logistics.

In order for businesses to keep the talent they find and hire, they must provide an environment that makes them want to stay. This can include a range of items including the administrative tools in order to help employees be successful in THEIR job, not just A job. For logistics worker, this means navigating a complex world of regulations and requirements often on their own (i.e. Affordable Care Act, CSA Regulation, and Hours of Service compliance, etc.).

As your WI logistics staffing solutions partner, our focus is on the unique needs of logistics and transportation workers that allow us to make sure they are well represented. Nationally, we see turnover rates in sectors like trucking top 100% per year. The TeamOne long-term model offers a customized benefit package, designed with the client to meet their needs and is Affordable Care Act compliant, and more. We handle all administration of the plans. TeamOne is here to help you retain your employees and make them even more productive members of the team.

TeamOne Logistics also offers a wide range of medical and other benefits to choose from when customizing an employment package:

  • Access to quality benefits is a key part in attracting and retaining quality employees.
  • TeamOne Logistics provides cost effective and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant healthcare plans across the spectrum of price points.
  • We leverage the scale of our employee base and relationships to minimize overall plan cost and as a buffer against unpredictable future rate increases.

Benefits Summary

Supplemental Life and Disability Coverage

Vision Coverage

Cancer, Accident and Critical Illness Plans

Two Dental Choices

CDL Defender and Family Defender Plans

401K Plan

  • We take on all workers compensation liability with first dollar coverage, eliminating this risk from your business.
  • This means you no longer bear the employment related risk and have no deductible should a workers comp issue arise.

You may have experienced or read recent news regarding the upswing in employee related liabilities like worker’s compensation. Although Worker’s Compensation statutes are generally interpreted in favor of employees, significant steps can still be taken to manage liability and to minimize the risk in individual cases.

When you partner with TeamOne Logistics, as part of our “Integrated Workforce Solution”, we take on the responsibility and management of these liabilities thereby reducing the risk to your business. As your logistical staffing solutions partner in Wisconsin, we provide you with first dollar coverage meaning as soon as the employee becomes a TeamOne Logistics employee, any future claims are our responsibility and there is no deductible that must be paid by the client.


At TeamOne Logistics, we aggressively and effectively manage claims by including:

  • Best Practice Processes – We use best practice processes that involves a thorough reporting and investigation of the alleged injury including the involvement of healthcare providers. A comprehensive investigation provides the best chance of determining the believability of a claim and to expose a fraudulent claim at an early stage.
  • First Report Of Injury (FROI) – Electronic FROI reporting ensures that each claim is reported timely and accurately. This also includes electronic tracking of OSHA 300 and OSHA 300A forms.
  • Active Ongoing Contact – Our team keeps an interactive documented dialog with the injured employee via a weekly call process that reduces compensation cost, minimizes litigation, and contributes to returning the employee back to work sooner.
  • Return-to-Work-Program – We pursue return to work opportunities on a case-by-case basis. When available to us and the employee, it can expedite the process of returning the employee to the workforce and possibly mitigate the open claim.
  • Worker’s Compensation Audits – We aggressively manage our claims and conduct audits of our practices and policies for continuous improvement.

At TeamOne, a successful hire is only the beginning of the value we bring to our clients.

Regulatory and compliance concerns, employee related legal issues, union avoidance, training, and benefit programs are just a few of the ongoing challenges that must be addressed by businesses today. Our unique “Integrated Workforce Solution” combines expert HR knowledge and operational support to help your business overcome these challenges. This includes best practice in areas such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other complex areas of Human Resources.

Whether you have one employee or several hundred, TeamOne Logistics’ unique “Integrated Workforce Solution” addresses the employment life cycle from pre-hire to post-hire. As your Wisconsin logistics staffing solution, we deliver effective payroll solutions that reduce cost and minimizes risk in your business. We have processed many hundreds of millions in payroll over the years, and our proven approach offers the latest in comprehensive payroll and HR support including:

  • Dynamic wage and payroll processing
  • Payroll deductions and per diem administration
  • Payroll tax administration and compliance
  • Federal, State, and Local tax filings
  • Wage garnishments administration
  • Customized analytical reporting
  • Audit process
  • Paid time off tracking and reporting
  • Paycheck printing and delivery
  • Direct deposits
  • Year-end W-2 processing
  • Historical employee data security and storage

Our expert staff of HR professionals are here to support you every step of the way, protecting your interest, so you can focus on what you do best. Let TeamOne Logistics’ Wisconsin logistics staffing solutions help incentivize and streamline your workforce.

Our Responsibility

Driver Logs
Physical Card
Injury Data

We ensure employees are all qualified, safe, and compliant:

  • All employees meet the latest Federal and State hiring and EEOC requirements by handling the orientation process for employees
  • Manage and held liable for regulatory compliance, licensing, and employee recordkeeping, including Driver Qualification Files (DQF)
  • Monitor your company and employee CSA scores and communicate alarming trends
  • Driver log training to assure hours of service and physical card compliance
  • 24/7 support for HR related questions, accident response, post-crash debrief and drug test

At TeamOne, our safety and compliance experts can help. The foundation of our employee hiring and safety standards were developed based on one of the best programs in the world, and our expert staff provides in-depth knowledge of DOT, FMCSA, OSHA, and SMS regulations.

We ensure your company’s risk exposure is minimized:

  • Customize programs with an emphasis on improving safety and decreasing operational risk.
  • Communicate with employees and actively provide comprehensive, ongoing safety and training education.
  • Our training team includes former drivers who are trained in a nationally recognized program.

So, whether your business spends significant time and money with your current program, or you just need help getting started, TeamOne Logistics will custom tailor a strong safety program to meet your specific AL truck staffing needs including:

  • Driver Qualification File Management – Our triple check process ensures DOT requirements are met and files remain compliant after the hire.
  • Drug and Alcohol Compliance – We manage the pre-employment, post-accident, random, and reasonable suspicion programs, and we will even complete the MIS data report for you.
  • Training Compliance – HAZMAT, HAZCOM, PPE, LOTO, Emergency Response, Hours of Service, Pre & Post Trip, Road Side Inspection, On & Off Site Observations, and Safety Meetings. We offer the best and most current training available.
  • Expertise – With a combined 175 years in the industry, our safety and compliance experts have the experience you need to be successful.

As a result of our safety programs, our clients have experienced only seven DOT Compliance Reviews since 2004, without a single critical violation or fine. So, while you maintain direct control of the day-to-day operations, TeamOne Logistics’ expert staff saves you time and supports you every step of the way protecting your interest so you can focus on what you do best.

Custom Safety & Compliance



While you enjoy the benefits of refocusing on your core business, our experienced professionals will handle your employee related safety and compliance tasks to save time and reduce cost.

Example Training Modules Include:

  • Driver Safety Training
  • EEOC Procedures
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Lock Out – Tag Out
  • Power Equipment if Applicable
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Maintain Non-Union Status


Proactive Approach to Safety

Actively communicating with employees and providing comprehensive,
ongoing safety and training education.

Ongoing Safety Training and Support

Manage safety training, quarterly safety meetings, mock audits, post crash
assessments, policies, and best practice support. We ensure compliance with
all Federal and State specific employment laws.

Develop Management Partnerships

Develop a flexible level of operational support to complement your business
and help professionalize your workforce

Industry Expert Trainers

Our training team includes former drivers who lead programs that are based
on a nationally recognized safety training system.

Custom Built Around Clients Needs

Adopt your standards and key performance measurements into training
programs or establish your own including driver recognition programs.
We customize our programs with an emphasis on improving safety and
decreasing operational risk.

Build Lasting Relationships

Serve as your long term safety and compliance partner and resource.

Strategic & Operational Support


The logistics industry is complex…


We work with your team to design and implement transportation workforce improvement initiatives.

Performance based pay metrics

TMS purchasing and implementation assistance

Labor Management Systems

Assist in Creating Customized Network Design, Backhaul Solutions & Route Optimization

Advise of Newest Fleet Technologies

Equipment Procurement and Sourcing Assistance

Workers' Compensation for Trucking & Logistics Companies in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin requires most businesses to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for all of their workers to protect the company in the event that an employee becomes injured or ill from work-related instances. This insurance provides employees with medical benefits and wage compensation if they can prove the accident occurred while performing work related activities. In exchange, the employee is not able to file a civil action against the employer in regards to the injury or illness. Workers’ compensation in the state of Wisconsin is incredibly important, but for logistics and trucking companies it can often be expensive. That’s why TeamOne Logistics takes on all worker’s compensation liabilities with first dollar coverage. As soon as an employee becomes a TeamOne Logistics employee, any future claims are our responsibility and there is no deductible that must be paid by your company.


In-HouseStaffing CompanyteamoneNotes
Cost Savings??checkmarkLeverage pooled resources to deliver improved organizational efficiency
Expert Logistics Recruiting?XcheckmarkOur trained, focused and experienced staff uses proven sourcing strategies to deliver results.
Custom Safety & Training Programs?XcheckmarkExpert staff provides in-depth DOT, FMCSA, OSHA and SMS regulations knowledge
Benefits Solutions?XcheckmarkProvide solutions offering similar benefits and low premiums that many larger companies enjoy.
Client Maintains Operational Controlcheckmark?checkmarkYou are in control, you have the customer relationship, and make the operational decisions. We support as a value added partner and resource.
Co- / Joint- EmploymentXcheckmarkXOur unique business model assumes ALL workforce related liability and not a "shared" risk as with most staffing companies and all PEOs.
HR Administrative Support?XcheckmarkExpert HR knowledge and operational support specifically tuned to meet needs of a logistics company
24/7 Direct Dial Support?XcheckmarkOur team is always ready, whenever you may need us, 24/7.


Maintain Control


TeamOne Logistics is an equal opportunity employer. No applicant will be excluded from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law. Applicants requiring reasonable accommodation in the application and/or interview process should notify a representative of the organization.

Candidates for WI staffing solutions employment can contact TeamOne Logistics at (770) 232-9902 between the hours of 8 A.M. and 5 P.M Eastern Time. Candidates can also contact us by email at careers@teamonelogistics.com.


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The driver shortage isn’t strictly a numbers problem, it is a quality problem too. Fleets consistently report receiving applications for open positions, but that many of those candidates do not meet the criteria to be hired.

Bob Costello, August 19, 2015

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